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5 Types Human Virgin Hair, Which One Will u Recommend?

5 Types Human Virgin Hair, Which One Will u Recommend?


     Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Chinese hair, and choosing one weave hair type was so irritating for me at the beginning. I always randomly clicked on any or chose one weave bundles' human hair type under the influence of others' choices. As a result, I never felt happy about the hair I got. Ah!

     Now, I need new human hair weaves. So, I consider why not do some research on what those hair types are? After extensive research, I can readily tell in the easiest words about the qualities of each weave hair type.

     Surprise! To help you gorgeous ladies out, I will not only inform you of each human weave bundle hair type in detail but help you decide on the best human hair weave type for you satisfactorily. So, get ready to stay confident when shopping for human hair weave bundles and to flatter your appearance. Stat!

Different Human Hair Types in Weave Bundles 

What Is Brazilian Hair? 

     Brazilian virgin human hair is collected from Brazilians regardless of living region.

     Brazilian virgin hair has gloss and a beautiful natural texture, but that gloss is not too high. Therefore, it is considered the most realistic-looking hair.

     Furthermore, Brazilian hair has a coarse texture. Because of that, I find girls talking about "is Brazilian hair frizzy" and "is Brazilian hair unmanageable." Beauties, coarse texture only means Brazilian hair has more circumference than other hair types. This makes Brazilian virgin hair best for afro girls, too, because coarse texture blends well with afro hair.

     Moreover, Brazilian virgin hair has softness. Anyone can feel it with a glance or touch.

     What's more, Brazilian virgin human hair weave bundles are durable, thick, heavy, and voluminous. Even holding these unique qualities, Brazilian hair is not frizzy.

     Brazilian virgin hair comes in copper, brown, and black colors.

What Is Peruvian Hair?

     Like Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair also has a more straight but less coarse texture and mixes up with afro hair texture finely.

     Even being coarse and thick, Peruvian virgin hair is lightweight. Also, it is soft, feels silky, and has a natural medium shine. These qualities make a Peruvian hair weave hard to detect.

     Moreover, Peruvian virgin hair is durable, providing a longer life span. Above all, Peruvian human hair weave bundles are effortless to take care of and manage.

     Peruvian hair comes in catchy darker colors like light brown, deep brown, and umber.

What Is Indian Hair?

     Indian virgin hair is lightweight and airy. Its hair texture normally lies between 2b to 3a hair type. The diversity in hair texture makes well with African American hair texture.

     Indian virgin hair has great elasticity, making them bouncier but less prone to breakage.

     Indian human hair weave bundles hardly develop any tangles and shed less. It is silky and strong.

     Indian hair also comes in darker shades, but you can see lighter strands too because of the sunny climate in India.

What Is Malaysian Hair?

     Malaysian virgin hair texture has a slight yet big wave. It has a thick density. Therefore, it can blend supremely with any hair texture, especially medium to coarse hair textures, including afro hair.

     What's more, Malaysian virgin hair is not as coarse as other hair types. That's why it is considered the best human hair weave bundle to avoid a wiggy look. Moreover, this quality of Malaysian virgin hair made it most selected by celebrities.

     Its luster range from medium to low means extremely realistic and soft to touch.

     Malaysian human hair weave bundles are usually available in off-brown and deep brown colors.

What Is Chinese Hair?

     Chinese virgin hair has a natural luster. It feels thick and rich, which makes it resemble African American hair.

     Chinese virgin hair is thick and has natural fullness; even shedding can never leave a bald spot in bundles. It is available in darker shades.

     Chinese hair is considered the best in the weaving industry. Its texture is thick and coarse. Moreover, Chinese virgin hair feels soft and silky.

Let's Compare Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair, and Chinese Human Hair Weave Bundles:

     I know reading hair types comparison is tedious because of long-long paragraphs that still leave the reader confusing. But I'm presenting it excitingly. Let's begin. We will consider five golden rules to compare or checkout any hair features and qualities. These are hair texture, shine, hair thickness, curl holding power, and weight.

Hair texture, most coarse to least coarse: Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair

Shine, high to medium-low: Chinese hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, then Indian hair.

Hair thickness (density), maximum to medium: Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair

Curl holding power, maximum to moderate: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair. (Indian and Chinese hair holds curl equally great).

Weight, heavy to light: Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Chinese hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair.

Which Human Hair Weave Bundles Are Best for You?

     Let me answer the anticipated question here. Women usually ask, "which human hair weave is best?" The truth is no hair type can suit all. If one finds human hair best, it might be the worst experience for any other.

     As you have read the qualities and features of each hair type of human hair weave, you can select the one which suits you.

     However, I'm listing some critical points of each hair to help you decide on which is excellent for you.

  • If summer is the prolonged weather in your living region, then don't pick Brazilian hair. Its coarser texture causes itchiness on the scalp and feels heavier in summer.
  • There is no better option than Peruvian hair for someone whose hair is fine or thinning.
  • If you live in humid weather, don't wear Indian human weave bundles as it is prone to frizz quickly.
  • Malaysian hair tends to get dry because of its texture if not taken care of properly. Busy women should consider it before purchasing Malaysian hair.
  • Chinese hair is thin and fragile. So, women who like tight hairstyles or excess use of heated styling tools should avoid it.

     That's it! But let me tell you, whatever human hair type in weave bundles you choose, you can only enjoy the benefits of it if the hair is genuine. For ending up your strive on where to buy human hair weave, look no further than Berrys Hair. We have a shining history of customer satisfaction, making us recognizable worldwide.

     From our weave hair shop, you can purchase human hair weave bundles in any hair texture. Click here to see various hair textures in bundles.

     Also, there are bundles with closure and frontal. Why wait? Choose what you prefer.

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