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Hair Care - Berryshair

Hair Care - Berryshair


      Virgin Human Hair is one of the most preferred hair weaves for hair users, Virgin hair is bouncy, shiny, and silky, it is easy to restyle, dyed to color, and lift to 613.

     Human hair is from the 18-35years young ladies,all the hair cuticles aligned, so it is no tangle, no shedding for human hair weave, human hair wig, human hair closure, human hair frontal ,and human hair extensions. Virgin hair is the bouncy, healthy, and full end, with no split, no white hair, and no lice. Virgin hair is 100% Unprocessed real human hair, tangle-free, and minimum shedding. The hair can be dyed, styled, and permed.

     Berryshair is 100% human hair weave, but the hair also needs good care to keep them well due to the fact that the hair can’t absorb the nutrition from the human head.  warm tips for how to care for the human virgin hair:

How to wash the hair?

  • Step1: Wet your Virgin human hair weave with warm water. Put some hair shampoo into the hair, and put the virgin human hair was weaved into the basin. Wait like 8-10 minutes, gently and grasp wash the hair.

  • Step2: Repeat step1 3-5times, and use the clean water to wash the human hair until there not have any shampoo on it. And then put some conditioner on the human hair, waiting like 5mins. Afterward, use the warm water to clean the conditioner.

  • Step3: Use a clean towel to take in the water on the virgin human hair weave, pls attention to not twisting, will make the hair rough and lost glossy.

  • Step4: Find a good place to dry the virgin human hair in natural wind.

Warm tips: pay attention to using warm water, too hot or too cold will damage the cuticle. Use your finger to comb the human hair straight and virgin hair body wave, but comb your deep hair ( loose wave, deep curly, kinky curly, water wave, loose deep wave ) from the bottom up.

How to take care of the deep curly hair?

     If u do not take care of the deep curly hair, drying, oil, dirt build-up, and sweat will make the curly hair tangle. We are suugest u are wash your human hair once two weeks.


How to Swim With a Hair Weave?

      chemicals in the water--as well as salt from the ocean, that are not good for human hair, will make the virgin human hair easy to tangle, and the hair cannot last a few years. As usual, we suggest u are keep away when u wear virgin human hair, but if u want to do that, u should wearing a swim cap.
there have some warm Tips:

  • Brading the virgin human hair in large sections and pile it on your head, then wear the swim cap.
  • Even though the swim cap cannot completely protect the virgin human hair u wear, make a difference.
  • After swimming, we suggest u can wash your human hair.

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