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What is brazilain virgin hair ?

What is brazilain virgin hair ?


     Virgin hair extensions are not only for celebrities, it is for everyone who needs it. But some people confused about what is Brazilian virgin hair.

     Brazilian virgin hair does not mean the material from Brazil. Brazilian virgin hair is top quality one of the human hair extensions for women. Brazilian virgin human hair it is no chemical treatment, soft, thick, and silky. You can be dyed and bleach it to light color. There have many other variations of virgin hair, like Peruvian virgin hair, Indian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair, and Chinese virgin hair, but most users think Brazilian virgin hair is the best choice.

       Which one is cheaper for installing the hair extensions, yourself or professionally? Hair extensions at a professional salon installing it have cost about $200 to $600 depending on what type have u choice, but they are installed hair extensions hairline that looks more natural,
many hair types u can choose from and can last a long time. If u installing it by yourself, maybe u need to take care of it every day, that will waste a lot of time.

     Install Brazilian virgin hair extension have to take a long time, needs to sit a few hours in a first, regular arrangement braiding your hair place the hair into a neat bun. if the hair is long, will need to place the long braid on the top. and last use the needle and thread to sew in the hair extensions weft. if u need to bleach the lace knots or color and model the hair extensions will take more time to wait. As usual, need to bring your hair extensions to a hairstylist, they will bleach the lace knots and color the hair extensions first. That will save more time to install.

     When u choose the hair extensions, u should know what length and pattern u want. If u choose the length is 12" or 14", we suggest u can choose two bundles and one lace closure or lace frontal to match-make a full head. For the 16"-22" u can choose 3 bundles and one lace closure or lace frontal to make a full head. For the longer length 24"-30" u can choose 4 bundles and one lace closure or lace frontal to match. For more than 30" u can do more than 5 bundles and add one more lace closure or frontal to make a full head. Brazilian virgin hair one bundle is from one donor, one bundle is 95g-100g.

     If u want to buy the best virgin hair, pls choose Berrys Hair, they have a lot of good reviews on social media. Berrys Hair has a hair store in Atlanta, u can stop by to feel the hair, and also can order online, They provide overnight shipping.

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