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How to choose a lace front wig?

How to choose a lace front wig?


     How do you pick a lace front wig for the first time wearing wigs, I think lots of customers will ask. Pls read this article, can help u a lot.

     When u want to buy a wig, u should know where should i come to buy the wig. online store, retail store, or hair salon.
     if the online store, u should know more information and then go to buy it, but online hair store will take 3-7 days can get your wig.
     if the retail store, u can try lots of wigs and then choose the one u want, but the Retail store price will more, and only a few styles can choose.
     if the hair salon, a hairstylist will give u lots of suggestions, and help u install it, but the price is higher a lot.

When u choose the wig, u should know that: 

1.Lace Material
Lace front wigs have Remy hair wigs and virgin hair wigs, Virgin hair wigs can be dyed, bleached, and last a long time, but Remy hair wigs only can be dyed to #27 color hair and last a few months.

2. Lace Size
Lace front wigs can be transparent lace and HD lace, HD lace is invisible and thin, and match your skin better. But transparent lace color more light than your skin, and need foundation cover.
hd vs transparent lace wig shops near me

3. Cap Size
Lace front wigs have 3 different sizes of the cap, small cap (21.5"), medium size (22.5"), and large size(23.5"), if not ask the size, as usually do medium size for u.

4.13x4 lace frontal wig or 13x6 lace frontal wig
13x6 lace front wigs it is a deep part, easy to braiding. 13x6 lace it is bigger than 13x4 lace.
what's the difference between a 13x4 and 13x6 wig

5. Lace front or full lace frontal

6. Hair Texture
Body wave lace front wigs can be straightened and hold the wave very well. if u want a curly wig u can do deep wave lace front wigs.
unice human hair wigs from amazon

7. Hair Color
Human hair wigs as usually do 1b hair color and 613 honey blonde. But if u want others' colors, can be customized.
human hair wigs colorful
8.Hair Price
Virgin hair wigs it is cost more than Remy hair wigs, virgin hair can be dyed to a light color well and last a long time.

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