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Wigs vs. Hair Extensions vs. Hair Weave, Which one will u choose?

Wigs vs. Hair Extensions vs. Hair Weave, Which one will u choose?


     Hair is an essential part of women, and the quest for perfect form and shine for hair doesn’t end. They demand great attention and care for maintaining them the right way. However, what if you start facing hair fall? Or do you want to try out a new cool and sensual look?

     While there are many ways and methods to achieve perfection, technological advancement allows us to choose perfect options like human hair wigs, human hair weave, human hair extensions clip in, and many more. Today we are discussing whether you should use wigs, hair extension, or even hair weave for your next best look.

What is a Wig, and What’s the Best Option for You?

     Wigs are one of the oldest head wears typically made from either human or animal hair and, in recent times, synthetic fiber. You use them to cover your head either bald or want a new enhanced look just like berryshair. It usually is a cap in which the artisan attaches hair to look as natural as a Brazilian body wave or some other popular style. Whatever the reason, the wig revamps your look, especially if the type is perfect for you.

     Let's discuss the pros and cons of Wigs and see which of the three will be best for you, especially if you want to know how long does wigs last.

Pros of Wigs

  • Protect Your Hair – If you are using them for fashion or a new sexy look, you can use them and protect your hair from the elements. Just don’t use the one with cheaper human hair because they may look bad.
  • Reduce Hair Loss – Wigs are best to protect your scalp; if you face hair loss, you can buy them at any human hair shop.
  • New Style – The best thing about wigs is the new looks if you have more than one to enhance your style. Find one perfect and best human hair wigs for a new look.

Cons of Wigs

  • Waste of Time – Applying or wearing a wig every day takes lots of time, so you need to buy ones that are easy to wear. You can start by finding wigs near me human hair to see the best options.
  • Glueless Wigs – Some wigs come without proper hold or are applied without glue which can be cumbersome if they fall.

What are Hair Extensions, and Why Should You Use Them?

     Hair extensions are not like Wigs and are attached to your hair, popular still among many cultures like the Parranda for southeast Asian cultures, like hair extensions clip in. They are much better than cheap human hair wigs as they add color to your already great-looking hair.

     While some are weaved with your hair, others are glued with your natural hair to add permanence, which can be easily removed by washing. This should answer your question about how long does hair extensions last.

     As with wigs, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of hair extensions to see which one you should choose. Visit our website to know where to buy hair extensions.

Pros of Hair Extension

  • Choice of Hairstyles – You can easily change your hairstyles whenever needed. You can change them daily or weekly or clamp them for a special occasion.
  • Great Volume and Length – If you don’t have long hair and want to look cute, you can simply add more volume to your hair or add more length. Great way to add more beauty to your feminine outlook. Don't forget to look for the best options at our Atlanta hair store.
  • Keeping it Natural – Most hair extensions can work with your natural hair and mix easily.

Cons of Hair extension

  • Chance of Hair Loss – Extensions can lead to hair loss if you don’t apply them properly or are not careful by tightening them too much, like using tape in hair extensions.
  • Expensive – While they are cheap in 3rdworld countries and some Chinese brands, quality ones are pretty expensive for your regular budget.

What are Hair Weaves, and Why Should You Use Them?

     Weaves are braided hair that you can use with your hair just like you would braid your hair normally. These are different from hair extensions as hair extensions are clamped or glued together while weaves, in most cases, are not.

     Let's finally look into the pros and cons of weaves, so you have a better option, in the end, to choose what’s best for you, like a Brazilian virgin hair body wave, Peruvian body wave, or even Chinese straight hair.

Pros of Hair Weave

  • Variety of Styles – You can add more color or style to your hair with weaves instead of simple Indian straight hair or MicroLink hair extensions or MicroLink loop hair extensions.
  • Hair Length Whenever – Weaves are a great way to add volume or length to your hair, especially when going to parties or special occasions. Get the best quality instead of worrying about how long does human hair weave last.
  • Healthier Look – Why not give healthier look to your hair with a different hairstyle? Weaves of the same color or a bit different shade can add life to your outlook.

Cons of Hair Weave

  • Hair Shedding and Tangles – Improper use or attaching with natural hair can cause hair loss or break your precious hair. This can cause issues as they are expensive to install and maintain and should be used primarily for special occasions.
  • Time-Consuming – Weaves don’t take a long time to install, so you can not use them regularly.

Which One is Best for You?

     After explaining Wigs, Hair Extensions, and Weaves in this article, you now have complete information to make an informed decision about what you should choose. The most important thing to consider is your preferences. If you are facing hair fall issues or your hair are damaged, you must go with wigs. However, both the other two, hair extensions and weaves work same when it comes to longevity, density, and a realistic look.

     Looking for best human hair extensions, weaves, or wigs? Visit our store in Atlanta and explore our amazing range. We are Chinese hair manufacturer and can do 2 days fast shipping too.

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